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Walgreens is on the job

With apologies for not reporting this news item when it happened a couple of weeks ago . . . Drugstore chain Walgreen is moving into the workplace to provide on-site health care for employers. On March 17th, the company announced that it would purchase I-trax for about $260 million and Whole Health Management for an undisclosed amount.

Microsoft's vision of the future of health

At last month's Mix08 conference, Microsoft played a video created by its Office Labs to share their vision of the future of personal health management It features ubiquitous integrated displays, instant sharing of information, projecting displays, and other advances in natural interface interactions.

In-store health clinics, Part 2

A website called has come up with a list of 20 ways Walmart's in-store clinics will affect health care. Some of the observations are obvious, like how the combination of flat fee services and no need for insurance is likely to attract patients who otherwise would go without medical care. Others may be less so, such as the public health benefit of a likely increase in immunizations due to the low cost and convenience.

A British twist on a GHE trend

On the Global Health Economy map, we identified retail health as a "big story" that led us to "[e]xpect innovations such as in-store clinics to open new channels to consumer health markets and enable to providers to extend services beyond traditional settings."

A step forward for Google Health

It's been a while since I have written about Google's efforts to become the home for people's personal health records (see this post, for example). So I am pleased to finally report some news on that front.

Your heart rate monitor watch will soon be obsolete . . .

I was cruising for something to blog about when I came across this headline: "DIY pervasive health monitor keeps tabs on your vitals." Do-it-yourself health? Persuasive technology? Six months ago, I wouldn't have had any idea of what those terms meant (nor would you have ever found me blogging). But I have learned a lot during my relatively short tenure at IFTF, and now I can recognize a Health Horizons blog-worthy story when I see one.

More on health in other worlds

IFTF Affiliate Richard Adler pointed out to me this morning that my recent entry about efforts to study epidemic responses in virtual reality worlds failed to mention "Whypox."

The AMA and Retail Health Clinics

The old guard has spoken. At a meeting earlier this week in Chicago, the policymaking House of Delegates of the American Medical Association reacted to plans by retailers like Wal-Mart and CVS to bring thousands of retail health clinics to U.S. consumers in the coming years. According to a report in the Chicago Tribune, the AMA group said that,

. . .

On-the-Go Health for Kids?

We explored Mobile Health technology at our Spring Conference (see our forecast and related scenarios under publications)--and we will continue to do so in the coming months.
Mobile technology is more than just a communications channel. It can be used as a tool for self-knowledge, for remote monitoring of medical conditions, and as an interface to access health information.

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