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Can Collaborative Consumption Help Reduce Global Hunger--And Help Your Diet?

Danielle Sacks' recent article on sharing has gotten a fair amount of attention, and rightly so, for providing a great overview of the sharing economy, or what we've also talked about around here as collaborative consumption. The basic premise is that a variety of goods--cars, power tools, guest rooms--simply linger around wasting space when we don't use them, and that in the coming years, we should expect to see a boom in services like ZipCar that let people share goo

Guerilla Media Wars

In 2006, we published a Ten Year Forecast perspective called "Dark Mobs". Among other things, that piece argued that repeated top-down efforts to squelch file sharing actually created powerful incentives that drove the technology towards more distributed, secure architecture. The media giants, by killing Napster and Gnutella created the need for something as difficult to control as BitTorrent.

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