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Alex Pang talks to CNN about Apple's 25th anniversary

IFTF Research Director Alex Pang made the front page of CNN this past weekend with comments on the 25th anniversary of Apple in an article titled, "Apple fans mark 25 years of Mac devotion."

Congrats, Alex!

DRM-free iTunes, with an annoying catch

One of the big bits of news from the Macworld keynote is that the iTunes Music Store will be going DRM-free, with three different prices for songs based on the label's pricing. Here's the official press release from Apple.

Apple & Nike partnership to promote health

Here is the latest from the partnership of Apple & Nike to promote physical fitness.

Living in the (Power-Generating) Material World

Apple Computer has filed for a patent on a process to embed solar cells on portable devices, including (in particular) as part of the display mechanism. From the patent filing:


Massively Multi-Sensor Earthquake Detection

After discovering a free application that let her Mac laptop display movement like a seismograph, seismologist Elizabeth Cochran of UC Riverside was struck by a pretty good idea: let's turn our laptops into real earthquake sensors.

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