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Time on After Shock

From Time:

[S]tarting at 10:02 a.m. on Thursday, you can play a sprawling, multiplayer collaboration game called After Shock to see what happens on the other side.

Wall Street Journal on ShakeOut

The Wall Street Journal has an article on After Shock.

The Institute for the Future, a think tank in Palo Alto, designed an alternative-reality computer game in which participants wend their way through a quake-stricken Los Angeles. A sample scenario: "It's three weeks after the quake, you don't have power, your credit cards are useless, and you're paying $10 for a Diet Coke," says Jason Tester, who helped design the game.

Ophelia Chong on After Shock

Los Angeles-based writer and designer Ophelia Chong (one of a handful of people who've made me think more positively about Southern California) writes about After Shock in her 404 City blog.

Massively Multi-Sensor Earthquake Detection

After discovering a free application that let her Mac laptop display movement like a seismograph, seismologist Elizabeth Cochran of UC Riverside was struck by a pretty good idea: let's turn our laptops into real earthquake sensors.

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