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Who's the baddest, Chinese peasants or grads?

Over the past few months I've heard two entirely different points of view about which groups in China are more likely to cause serious problems because of their unemployment.  Will it be educated university graduates, or urban factory workers returning to their villages?  Both groups have high expectations of being able to work and of becoming increasingly prosperous, and both have seen those expectations dashed.

Get Ready for the Carbon Neutral Factories

MAS Holdings claims to have built the world's first carbon-neutral garment factory in Sri Lanka. The plant will make underwear for Marks & Spencer in the UK (they also make sexy lingerie for US-based Victoria's Secret).

While the plant cost 25% more to build than a traditional design (it would have been 15% without some frills due to being a showcase), with rising fuel prices it's expected to pay for the difference in less than five years.

Get ready for the carbon-neutral plants to pop up faster than garment factories after a Pearl River Delta rain.

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