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Google Health and Trust

Yesterday, I wrote about Google's likely foray into creating personal health records (PHRs). In his December 2006 speech, Google veep Adam Bosworth described one possible solution--a personal health URL . . .

. . .

To your health! Google!

For several months now, there has been a buzz in the blogosphere about Google getting into the health space. It started heating up last December, with a post from Adam Bosworth, a Google Vice President, on the company's official blog. Bosworth observed that people need greater access to reliable health information in general, and to their personal health records in particular.

Fathers and breast cancer

In a fitting announcement just post-Father's Day, a new JAMA study acknowledges that the genetic mutations (BRCA1 and BRCA2) responsible for some breast cancers can be passed down from a woman's father, not just her mother. Unfortunately, current insurance probability models of coverage fail to take into account that risk--they are based on the family history of breast cancer only on the mother's side.

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