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Emotional Networking for Caring and Well-being

I just got a note in my email.  My aunt is busy with her own appointment, and nobody had yet volunteered to pick my uncle up from the VA hospital tomorrow, after he recovers from surgery.  Hey, it's a Friday.  I can take off a little early to pick him up, and get him to my cousin's place over the hill.  I respond to the email, volunteering. 

Accepting Virtual House Calls

I usually try to avoid blogging about stories from the mainstream press, but this headline—"The Virtual Visit May Expand Access to Doctors"—in the New York Times confirmed a trend we have been following for the last few years.  It is a perfect example of how health care is moving out of clinical settings to new points of care, or "anytime, anyplace health." 

Intel continues to play with global health

Back in July, I wrote about Intel's plans to make health care more techno-savvy. Yesterday, I came across a headline in India eNews: "Intel helping spread school health." Thanks to Intel, a girls' high school in the southern state of Tamil Nadu became the first school in India to have a health monitoring program; the program will soon be launched nationwide.

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