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What is the Relationship Economy?

Today, IFTF Research Affiliate, Jerry Michalski came to IFTF to share about his work on the Relationship Economy

The next social and industrial order has more to do with abundance and trust than with scarcity and stickiness.  The key assets are trusted relationships.

Capsule Review of Clay Shirky's "Here Comes Everybody"

Oh, the irony.

I've been trying to read Clay Shirky's new book on social software and online groups, "Here Comes Everybody" for about the last 3 months. However, everytime I crack it open and start digging into this very thoughtful and fast-paced critique of the group economy, I am interrupted by some incoming email or IMs (the original Gen X-er social networks), tweets, or the recollection of some unfinished Wikipedia edit or blog entry.

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