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Mapping Kenya's largest slum

Kenya has begun an impressive project to map Kibera, it's largest slum. Although Kibera has an estimated 1 million inhabitants, the sum is a big black spot on any map. This makes the process of community development projects next to impossible as no one can begin to plan improvements on a big black hole.



Congratulations to SMS texting pioneer Ken Banks -- mobile health wouldn't be the same without him!

FrontlineSMS is a free, open-source software platform that enables large-scale, two-way text messaging using only a laptop, a GSM modem, and inexpensive cell phones.  The program was developed by Ken Banks, the founder of, which specializes in the application of mobile technology in the non-profit sector, particularly in the developing world. In recognition of his work with and FrontlineSMS, Ken recently won a prestigious Tech Award, an international award that honors innovators from around the world who are applying technology to benefit humanity.  

Africa, The Final Business Frontier

The BBC World News, as of August 22nd, is hosting the weekly Africa Business Report. The show plans to look at the businesses and products coming out of Africa, the challenges and opportunities for companies trading there, as well as the business people themselves. 

Being Honest About Somali Pirates

Johann Hari from Centre for Research on Globalization wrote an interesting and very revealing article on pirates and our war on Somali Pirates. Although stories about pirates in Somalia may no longer be new, this article is great. 

Hari not only explains how Somalia became the center or modern day pirates and the reason behind the reason our ships might be looted, but he ties it all nicely into the history of pirates. 

Kenyans create bicycle powered phone charger from scrap metal

Neo Colonialism?

Some of my colleagues and I have been conducting research on the growing, or perhaps dying trend, of land grabbing to secure future food sources. I recently found a great resource for anyone interested in following this disturbing trend.

De-Colonizing Social Innovation

Microsoft and Ghana Ministry of Education sign a Memorandum of Understanding

Microsoft is investing in building ICT capabilities in Ghana. The MoU is an extension of the 2004 relationship between Microsoft and Ghana in which three IT academies were established and 300 teachers within all levels of education were trained.

Kenyan Undersea Fiber Optic Cable Launched

“The long-awaited East African Marine System (TEAMS) fibre optic
undersea cable
, expected to cut telecommunications costs across the
continent has officially been launched in Kenya.”

Medical Tourism in Tunisia

Medical tourism in Tunisia has become the countries second highest foreign currency earner, and the second largest employer. Many medical tourists come to Tunisia for specialized surgical procedures in cardiology, gynecology, or urology. Or they come because of Tunisia’s reputation for good cosmetic surgeons.

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