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We Know What You Want

As someone who spends most of his waking hours listening to Pandora, I haven't just accepted the idea that algorithms can get me what I want, but pretty much depend on them. Still, I'm only coming to terms with the idea that these sorts of algorithms will increasingly find their way into mundane physical spaces, like supermarkets, to shape our decisions in real-time. What if, ten years from now, walking into a supermarket meant getting a series of customized alerts and pitches designed to tempt you with your favorite comfort food? How would that change what we eat--and how healthy we are?

Your Friends as Salespeople

Via Springwise comes word of an interesting marketing ploy from Domino's Pizza: They've developed a widget that you can place on your social networking profile, blog or other online presence, which your friends can then click on in order to order a pizza. For every order, you get 0.5 percent of the sale. Think of it as affiliate marketing meets social networking.

The logic behind the widget, as Springwise puts it, is fairly straightforward:

Fitness product does social media marketing right

I'm at the Games for Health Conference, which is sponsored by the Robert Wood Johnson Pioneer program.   A product manager from Electronic Arts (EA) gave the morning keynote about the success of their product launch for Sports Active, which is a fitness program that uses the Wii platform.  EA is well-known for its line of sports games, as well as other genres generally targeted at a male, video-game playing audience.

Sports Active is a new product that is aimed primarily at a female audience, specifically busy moms.

The Future of Market Research

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to meet Joel Rubinson, the Chief Research Officer and resident thought leader at the Advertising Research Foundation, to discuss an initiative they are sponsoring that is looking at the future of market research.
While I have not specifically looked at the market research field, what struck me was how similar the challenges that are facing market research are to other areas of science and technology.

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