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IFTF Researcher Testifies at Senate Hearing on Research Parks and Job Creation

Yesterday, I traveled to Washington to testify at a hearing of the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee on "Research Parks and Job Creation".

IFTF Comments on Senate Bill for Science Park Grants and Loans

Respectfully submitted by Anthony Townsend
Research Director
Institute for the Future

Research Parks A Beacon of Hope for Struggling City

The New York Times is running an interesting piece chronicling the poor fortune of Columbia, South Carolina, a metropolitan area that "came closer than any other to being a microcosm of the nation over the last decade".

The article goes on to recite the litany of poor economic indicators, but like all good human interest stories, offers a glimmer of hope towards the middle of the piece:

Should America Create Innovation Zones to Spur R&D?

I spent the morning reading through a report released earlier this month by the Association of University Research Parks (AURP), titled “The Power of Place: A National Strategy for Building America’s Communities of Innovation”. AURP is industry association that represents several dozen leading research parks and real estate developers with strong connections to major universities in the US and Canada.

Characteristics and Trends in North American Research Parks

The Association of University Research Parks represents several dozen university-based research parks and real estate organizations across the US and Canada, and this study builds on a comprehensive look at the state of research parks in 2007, "Characteristics and Trends in North American Research Parks: 21st Century Directions" (PDF). In that report, AURP identified several key trends that re-inforce several foundation forecasts at IFTF that have shaped the Science In Place agenda.

UPDATED: Letter From Johannesburg: Mapping The Future of Science and Technology Parks

A small team of IFTF researchers are in Johannesburg this week, at the XXVth annual world conference of the International Association of Science Parks, being held for the first time ever in Africa.

We conducted a pre-conference expert workshop with 14 leading science park managers and experts, asking "what are are the big trends that will shape science and technology parks over the next decade?" and "what are some emerging innovation clusters that we'll be talking about in 2018?"

New Program Announcement: Science in Place

The global map of science and technology innovation is changing quickly. But it’s not just macroeconomics and demographics that is driving this tectonic shift in how scientific collaboration is organized globally, regionally, in cities and within buildings. Everywhere we turn, new structures are challenging the way research organizations create and apply new knowledge, and where they do it.

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