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Recipe Networks and Combinatorial Cuisine

The field of network science continues to find new data sets for exploring technology, economics, biological systems, and social relationships. Two recent articles use recipe ingredients and foods from different cuisines to demonstrate how the lens of network science can create analytics to provide us with new insights into how we eat and what gets eaten.

Can I Have a Featherless Chicken and a Side of Healthy Bacon?

The New Scientist has a great round-up of the various efforts geneticists are undertaking to modify farm animals. The story doesn't break any new ground, per se, but it's remarkable for the sheer breadth of ways that genetic engineers are attempting to redesign animals.


As the New Scientist describes it:

Sustain Saskatchewan

"Trees make the prairies tolerable." 

"The Greenhorns" doc explores a new generation of American farmers

Building on the momentum of a series of high profile movies confronting the often appalling practices of food production in the US including Food, Inc. and Fast Food Nation, a new team of filmmakers is in the process of bringing audiences a fresh and much more optimistic take on the topic.

Green Acres, Now Including Penthouse View

Vertical farms finally make the move from cybergreen fantasy to the pages of the New York Times. The logic is seductive: urban towers, filled not with more offices and apartments, but with food crops.

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