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Musicians using Twitter

I just came across this Google spreadsheet of artists using Twitter. As with many major artist MySpace pages or blogs, the "big" ones are more likely label interns—or impostors with entirely too much time on their hands—than actual artists, but there's a good chance that a bunch of the smaller acts are actually speaking tweeting for themselves.

I've carefully combed the list and here are a few favorites...

DRM-free iTunes, with an annoying catch

One of the big bits of news from the Macworld keynote is that the iTunes Music Store will be going DRM-free, with three different prices for songs based on the label's pricing. Here's the official press release from Apple.

Rethinking the Album Release: of Montreal's Skeletal Lamping Collection

Playlist my way? Not quite.

At first glance, Universal Music's new "Playlist Your Way" program may look like the company is finally catching on to one of the things that fans and digital music mavens have wanted for a long time: options.

Kid Rock: iTunes rips off artists

The BBC reports that Kid Rock believes iTunes doesn't pay enough to the artists, and has resisted offering his tracks through the service. (However, note that later in the article it says his latest single is available through iTunes in the UK.)

The most interesting part of this whole issue is Kid Rock's comments on filesharing:

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