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Knowledge Tools of the Future

It's a truism that we live in a knowledge economy. For the last decade, being competitive in the knowledge economy has required developing systems to manage information-- information like consumer data, logistics, organizational practices. But the tools of the next decade will be very different. The growing accessibility of knowledge management systems have greatly reduced the competitive advantage that companies can draw from adopting them: KM is business as usual.

Engagement Economy

"The next ten years are almost certain to see exponential growth in all kinds of participation networks powered (and hopefully made profitable) by crowds. Every kind of group imaginable—corporate, start-up, research, not-for-profit, grassroots, entertainment, media, and artist—is taking part in the massively collaborative movement.

The Future of Making Arrives

The Future of Making Report is now online and available for download here!

The companion piece to the Future of Making map and a follow-up to our 2008 Spring Exchange at Maker Faire, the report takes an in-depth look at signals, drivers, and trends remaking the way things are made. With a list of links in every section, it's a great reference guide to the people and companies shaping a growing culture of Makers.




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