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A new iPhone app provides opportunities for grassroots, participatory epidemiology

Outbreaks Near Me enables users to track and report outbreaks of infectious diseases, such as H1N1 (swine flu), on the ground in real time. This new iPhone app is from HealthMap, a website that mines the Internet for disparate data sources of varying reliability—from news sources (such as Google News) to curated personal accounts (such as ProMED) to validated official alerts (such as World Health Organization)—to track and map infectious disease outbreaks.

Google vs. Apple, Round 2 or: Can I Get That on a Netbook?

The rise of the netbook has made its way into traditional print media - a strong indicator that the trend toward low cost, cloud-reliant computing has firmly taken root in American consumer behavior.

iPhone med apps continue to flourish--and with fun names, too!

Though it might be hard to take seriously a medical application named "Diagnosaurus," especially with its cute logo— —this one seems to be worthy of consideration. 

From Unbound Medicine,

Diagnosaurus is a valuable quick reference tool that contains over 1,000 differential diagnoses. . . .  [T]his application helps health care professionals reach accurate diagnoses with speed and confidence where it is needed most, at the point of care.

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