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Jan 12 SF event, The Power of Play: Innovations in Getting Active

In just under a week, on January 12, leaders in the areas of fitness, science, health care, game design, video games, and education will converge to talk about the Power of Play, especially active gaming. 

Nudging kids to health

This is a quick follow up on my recent post, "How to get kids physically active? Reward them!," which describes a commercial offering (Switch2Health) targeted at kids that provides them with incentives for engaging in physical activity.

Fitness product does social media marketing right

I'm at the Games for Health Conference, which is sponsored by the Robert Wood Johnson Pioneer program.   A product manager from Electronic Arts (EA) gave the morning keynote about the success of their product launch for Sports Active, which is a fitness program that uses the Wii platform.  EA is well-known for its line of sports games, as well as other genres generally targeted at a male, video-game playing audience.

Sports Active is a new product that is aimed primarily at a female audience, specifically busy moms.

Taking virtual laps on a stationary bike

I've been working on a private client project recently, thinking about how games and elements of gaming can be used to promote physical activity and improve health outcomes.  I am a sporadic gym go-er myself, and I tend to prefer the rowing machine to any of the other cardio equipment, even though it doesn't have a television or any bells and whistles.  But this morning, as I was leaving, I noticed that my gym has two brand-new Expresso Fitness stationary bikes, which I had just been reading about for my project.

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