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Should You Give Away Your Genome?

A couple months ago, a broad consortium of bloggers, patients and companies endorsed a declaration of health data privacy aimed at ensuring individual privacy and control over health data.

Science Commons promotes open innovation at eTech conference

I hate live blogging.  But I am at the ETech conference in San Jose and am determined to give it a go. . . .

John Wilbanks from Science Commons is giving an interesting presentation about sharing data in the life sciences, particularly in the areas of genomics and neuroscience.

Lurching Towards Open Science

Openness is rocking the scientific world. Accept it or proceed at your own risk. As an article last week in Nature points out: scientists are posting unprecedented amounts of experimental data online in “open notebooks”.

But wait.
Science in academia is becoming more closed, driven by regulatory shifts in how funding is tied to ownership of research products. As the New York Times reports:

Will Open Science Make It Even Harder to Build Science Communities in China?

A pair of reports last week suggest that China's science community, while thriving, still has a long way to go before it becomes the kind of knowledge-circulating system needed to support world-class technical innovation.

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