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Future of Learning: Reimagining the Higher Education Landscape

Higher education worldwide is entering a period of creative disruption. In many ways, the space is poised to experience challenges similar to those facing journalism, manufacturing, and finance all at once, as novel funding structures, new international institutions, applied research into the neuroscience of learning, and emerging digital tools for knowledge discovery begin to converge on traditional organizational structures.

Reimagining the Future of Higher Education: From STEM to SEAD

Design and art have long been viewed as distinct fields of inquiry from science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), but the contemporary perspective is that these modernist institutional distinctions are rapidly eroding now more than ever. For more than a decade, new residencies, institutions, collaborations, and projects have pushed the expectations and outcomes of working across both the sciences and the arts. Today, it's almost a given that science, design, engineering, and art are closely linked in product as well as practice.

Three EduSocial Bots

Online communities and social sharing platforms like Twitter have helped make one particular community more visible – robots. You are most likely see and experience them tweeting and retweeting spam, or perhaps instead they give an impolite ring on your phone at 7am (especially if you are on the West coast) to ask you a series of questions.  These little algorithms have some simple and not-so-simple logic architectures that allow them to read your messages and respond somewhat intelligently.

Shop Class, Makers, and The Future of Education in California

Imagine taking a class in high school where you can create a tool for eating your favorite food. Maybe you want a special set of chopsticks to eat your homegrown salad, or a high-tech polymer spork to scoop up the latest in laboratory grown nutrients. What you decide to build is limited only by the imagination. And if this is your first time deigning and manufacturing something, do not fear, an experienced maker will be there to guide you through the process. 

Exploring Social Production in Education

One of the key themes of our Ten-Year Forecast retreat last month was the concept of social production - production that draws on contributions from large networks of people, enabled by social technologies, to create new kinds of wealth. Last week, Marina explored what social production might mean for the world of education when she addressed the 2011 Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) Academic Resource Conference in San Francisco. 

Exploring Digital Media and Empathy with Facing History

BodyShock Winner Profile: Educating Underserved Patients

Jan 12 SF event, The Power of Play: Innovations in Getting Active

In just under a week, on January 12, leaders in the areas of fitness, science, health care, game design, video games, and education will converge to talk about the Power of Play, especially active gaming. 

California Pioneer Sparks Education Revolution


My kids and I are students at the biggest school in the world, that started in Sal Khan's home in Mountain View, California. 

Ends vs. Means and Persuasive Games

A video featuring Carnegie Mellon Professor of Entertainment Technology Jesse Schell has been making the rounds this week, and it touches on a number of themes that I think are central to understanding the intersection of games, education, and persuasive technology.

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