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Community Engagement 2.0: IFTF Plans a Social Impact Technology Futures Conference

A social impact technology field is emerging as multiple innovators creatively apply technology to society’s most compelling social problems. These technologies are powerful tools for building new networks and communities for social action. While technologists work on the cutting edge of locative, crowdsourcing, social media, simulation and gaming, there is a great, untapped need and interest for these technologies among a wide range of social benefit organizations that have limited capacity in this arena.

The Launch of Signtific!

After many months of hard work, we are proud to announce the official launch of Signtific! is an innovative and dynamic collaborative web-based platform designed for engaging scientists and technologists from all areas of study in identifying disruptive trends. The platform is three-fold: First, Signals are the foundational indicators that point to larger trends and supply the conversation on Signtific.

The Future of Making Arrives

The Future of Making Report is now online and available for download here!

The companion piece to the Future of Making map and a follow-up to our 2008 Spring Exchange at Maker Faire, the report takes an in-depth look at signals, drivers, and trends remaking the way things are made. With a list of links in every section, it's a great reference guide to the people and companies shaping a growing culture of Makers.




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