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Revolution Health is evolving to compete with WebMD

Several months ago, rumors began to swirl around the fate of Revolution Health, Steve Case's foray into the world of online health.  You can read about those early reports here.  Within the last few weeks, new stories began to circulate that the company was looking to sell itself. suggested that the fate of Revolution--a hot social networking site when launched in 2007--was "another tale of hubris in the e-health sector," quoting a pre-launch blog post from Case himself:

We aim to build into the world's leading health site - and we hope that our focus on an engaging design, high levels of personalization, and an unparalleled sense of community will enable us to achieve that goal. But we're far more than a web site. We're a company that's trying to fundamentally change the health care system. Revolution Health is about making sense of the complicated world of health care. And it's about putting you-the patient-at the center of that world.

Revolution Health's health?

Just as I was starting to look for something to blog about today, I got an e-mail from a client asking what I know about whether Revolution Health is going under or merging or otherwise transforming itself. Launched officially in April 2007, Revolution Health was intended by its chairman/CEO, AOL co-founder Steve Case, to . . .well, revolutionize health care by providing health-related online tools and content from a variety of trusted sources and enabling individuals to take greater control of their health management.

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