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Mobile Health is a hot topic in the press (and at IFTF!)

Last month, IFTF Research Affiliate Richard Adler blogged here about a Wall Street Journal article that discussed tools that help patients interact with doctors.  Richard specifically mentioned a mobile device called Zuri; the article also discussed an in-home device from Intel called Health Guide.  According to Intel, Health Guide, which has received FDA market clearance,

can connect to specific models of wired and wireless medical devices, including blood pressure monitors, glucose meters, pulse oximeters, peak flow meters and weight scales. [It] stores and
displays the collected information on a touch screen and sends to a secure host server, where health care professionals can review the information. Patients using the Health Guide can monitor their health status, communicate with care teams and learn about their medical conditions.

The article also mentions that Microsoft's HealthVault can also integrate data from about 50 devices, such as heart rate monitors and blood pressure machines.

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