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If youth are our future, what of the future of youth (leaders)?

Youth leadership is a hot button issue these days. But I think what we tend to forget—or don’t have the opportunity to understand—is that youth leadership is very different throughout the world. Missing these nuances could lead to potentially ineffective global youth leadership initiatives.

Increasing Global Resilience: women becoming key players in peace movements

Women are doing a lot of work to create equality and peace throughout Africa, not to mention the rest of the world. What’s more, as women come together to fight for peace they cross political, religious, and tribal or clan lines that are often used as tools to perpetuate war. In Liberia Christian and Muslim women got together for the first time in the country’s history when they stood up and demanded peace. Somalia’s 6th clan is a crosscut of all clans representing all Somali women.

The secret of encouraging girls to be geeks

Carlos McEvilly is a self-confessed "geek dad" of a tween. He wanted give girls an opportunity to learn that being a geek can be cool, so he created an iPhone app called Secret Ada. From the App Store description:

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